let's talk pre-fall 2010 (deux)

All images ripped off style.com with little to no regret.

Above, from Oscar de la Renta. I find this utterly glorious not just because I love sheer dress collars, but because the entire dress is sheer and it's only those little red knobbly bits preventing this girl from parading down the runway nude.

Above, also Oscar de la Renta because I am totally feeling the printed scarf, and I find the printed coat over solid dress combination so visually interesting.

Above, the last Oscar, because white ruffled shirts always win in my book, and the cardigan is covered in ROCKS or something, and it totally reminds me of Emma from Glee.

Above, Zac Posen. There's something refreshingly put-together and deliberate about this. The neck-bow-tie thing, red lips, and pearl earrings are so ladylike (finally!), and the skirt length is perfect.

Above, from Pringle of Scotland because whether or not the collar/scarf is attached to the tunic or not, this silhouette is really effing badass, and the print is a brilliant combination of muted + sharp.

Above and below, really really really genius silhouettes from Pringle of Scotland.

And finally, a fantastic dress cut and fabric from Nicole Miller:

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