Oh my God. I don't know anymore. If you haven't spoken to me in the past three hours, you have no idea what my plans are because my plan changes every few hours.

I don't know.

But I really like the people.



I mean, how do you walk away when everyone EVERYONE is begging you to stay? When everything is quiet, I know what I want to do, and it isn't this, so why am I hesitating? Because I have a history of not making risky decisions? Because my lab partner is crazymazing and offers to cook me dinner and help me with my math homework and do my math homework and devote her free time to helping me pass? Because my TA offered up his roommate free of charge for one-on-one math tutoring so I can stay in computer science without withdrawing? Why? WHY? DO I LIKE THE SUBJECT OR DO I LIKE THE PEOPLE? Does it even fucking matter?

This goddamn treadmill is going too fast.

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