Things I Love: June 2010

While my previous assessment of this summer has proven somewhat inaccurate (for the time being), as I've found myself with enough time to queue up some more blog posts, this isn't to say that summer school has been a breeze at all. On the contrary, June was the kind of month that made me feel like the only available forms of respite were 1) getting a moment to shower and not think about anything and 2) pulling up my list of Things I Am Thankful For every night and updating it.

So. In June, I was thankful for...
  • cinnamon sugar pretzel sticks
  • being sleepy before midnight
  • Jessie & jalapeno Cheez-Its
  • Indian food & TK
  • this:
  • Sub Center & Jess
  • the retreat that is Yerba Buena
  • Sunshine, about a hundred thousand and seventy-eight times over
  • Willy Beamish, our latest foray into adventure games
  • attempting to sew floral shorts
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailers

  • Glee
  • airplanes, the airport, flying
  • helping my aunt pin curl her hair
  • that my next-youngest cousin seems to have evolved from an all-black-wearing theater tech kid with hair in his face and highwater pants into a beach-bumming douchebag, in the best way possible, like a half-Asian Zefron
  • my 9-year-old cousin for letting me read her copy of Breaking Dawn (no, I still haven't finished it, yes, it is awful, and yes, I still want to finish it)
  • the feeling of being fully submerged in water
  • Man Vs. Food
  • filling my bike rack quota
  • Victoria and Nate
  • taking my little cousin swimming, followed by mashed potatoes and roast beef
  • Alice
  • Ocean Tacqueria for my very first palatable (and then some! Recommend!) burrito
  • Jaimie! my summer roommate, because for the first time in my life I wish my roommate had more time to spend in the apartment
  • showers in the dark (again, because our fan/light broke, again)
  • Christmas in June mint M&M cookies
  • being nervous because it means something big is happening
  • Stephanie so so so so much
  • brunch at La Med with Ching, Jessie, and Michelle
  • the prospect of a hot shower and bed
  • being a blogger
  • Krislyn, the PYT behind nakedfactory (because she is funny, friendly, articulate, and not vocally picky about the meager food/entertainment/lodgings I offered). Also she is totally model-status:
  • Stephanie again, this time for Gouda cheese, graham crackers, and gummy fruit snacks
  • the guys who got really excited when they misheard my saying "no good Mexican food in Berkeley" and asked where the hell I managed to find good Mexican food in Berkeley
  • Toy Story 3
Ken. Especially Ken.

KEN: I'm not a girl's toy! I'm NOT! Why do you guys keep saying that?
  • feeling extra racy talking to my professor* in a sheer white blouse and black bra, with a wad of toilet paper shoved in my pants as a makeshift pad YEAH YOU KNOW YOU'VE DONE IT
  • *okay technically he's not a professor. Instructor?
  • chili and cornbread (with dinosaur-shaped sprinkles)
  • feedback on my writing, especially in non-writing contexts (which is to say I am thankful for my TA)
  • for having the actually quite profound thought on the way to the toilet that I might find computer science interesting enough that I would be willing to continue putting myself through math classes for it
  • that moment when you are dumbstruck as you bite into your first ripe peach of the season and your mouth cannot find words for how happy it is, especially effective if it's the first thing you eat in the morning
  • Men.
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