This is just a bunch of stuff that I find interesting.  I'm sorry if you disagree.

    1. Beauty Splurge

So I finally broke down and spent 18 dollars on the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  And you know what?  It was probably the best $18 I have ever spent on any beauty product.  In this horribly humid Louisiana weather, my eyeshadow would melt down my face in the 10 seconds it takes me to walk from my front door to my car.  Now, I can wear my eyeshadow the entire day without even the slightest crease forming. I even wore it to Warped Tour (you know, the outdoor concert in Houston that so luckily took place during a HURRICANE!) and although my makeup didn't stay on completely perfectly, you could definitely still see traces of my orange and brown eyeshadow.  I mean, seriously? This stuff can withstand a hurricane on your face. If you don't have any, you should get some. 

      2.   Um, can Nagi Noda please come fix my hair?

I'll take an elephant, please.  The red color would be nice as well.  But if not, I would definitely love a rabbit or lion.

       3.  I cannot stop watching this video. 

If there were anyone in the world that I could just sit down and have a day long conversation with, it would be Vic Fuentes.  His voice is incredible, his lyrics are captivating, and the fact that he covered a Beatles song just confirms his awesomeness. 

      4.  Want to read my Disney Princess stuff?

So far, I've written four Disney Princess Inspired articles for College Fashion, and it seems as though people really like them, which makes me very happy, because I love writing them!  There are many more to come, but if you want to read what I've done so far, I'll link them below!
Next week, I'm going to write an article inspired by Jasmine, so get ready for that!

Anyway, if you get anything out of this blog post, I hope it is that you now love Vic Fuentes. Because he is so very talented.

Love, Calli
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