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I seem to have an unhealthy obsession with my pores and I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I could easily sit in front of a mirror for half an hour inspecting them. I have no explanation for this other than I don't like 'em much and wish they were less noticeable. This is the main reason I never wear any sort of cream blush; I'm convinced that the texture turns my pinprick sized pores into vast caverns that I could lose things in. Big things. We're talking loose change and odd socks here

Obviously that hasn't put me off buying lots of cream blushers because I still like trying them in the privacy of my bedroom where there's no risk of people using the word crater whilst talking about my skin, but I generally don't venture out with them on. That was until I came across the Miracle Touch Creamy Blush by Max Factor which is just beyond awesome. To be honest I'd never have considered buying it because it comes in a teensy plain pot and although the colour looks quite pretty it really isn't the kinda thing that would jump out at me.

Anywho I got a little pot of the Soft Pink blush as part of a free gift (Hurrah for freebies!) and as usual I drew the curtains, locked the doors and tried it on. Firstly I was amazed at how easy this was to apply because the product looks quite dry, firm and cakey so I imagined I'd have to dig in to get a decent amount of product on my fingers but I was able to lightly touch the blush, smear it on my cheeks in a rather haphazard fashion and it still managed to look incredibly pigmented and pretty. Minimal effort, maximum result so I liked it straight away.

When it comes to blusher I always look out for the same old things - it should be a great colour, fab texture, last all day and preferably not cost an arm and a leg. This ticks all the boxes and I've worn it at least a few times a week since I got it. I love how it gives a very natural dewy glow to the skin and can be blended for a barely there finish or applied in a more precise pattern to contour the face. There are only a few shades available and I've used the Soft Pink (during the day) and Soft Murano (for a nice evening look) so I don't know if there'd be a shade to suit everyone.

Righteo, I’m off for a rather late night shower – got a new body scrub (Bliss lemon & sage) and feel I really must give it a try
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