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Hello all, hope everyone is enjoying a typically lazy Sunday afternoon!

Am I the only person who thinks lipstick is one of the most fantastically glamorous and classic makeup products? There's just something so stylish and grown up about perfectly made up lips. At work I go for a fairly simple make up look; foundation, blusher, mascara and if I'm feeling adventurous maybe some bright eye shadow. You'll notice the distinct lack of lipstick (or any other lip products for that matter) because I find that talking and drinking plenty throughout the day just makes it wear off too quickly to be worthwhile.

However, in work there's a rather plain looking middle aged woman, we'll call her Barabara - cos that's her name, who manages to look completely made up and perfect at all times. I'm completely convinced it's thanks to her perfect pout with its precise outline and constant glossiness. I've no idea how she manages it but it's inspired me to put a bit more effort into my lips so I headed off to my local Debenhams to browse the beauty counters for the perfect everyday lipstick. I figured I'd be much more likely wear something if it was new!

I'm pretty sure I looked at least 100 lipsticks but my favourite was a Color Fever (308) one by Lancome. I'm not ashamed to admit that it was actually the packaging that caught my eye, it's a plain rectangular silver case with a bright pink see through plastic front and back and the very well known lancome rose on the front. Totally girly and elegant. I went for a pinkish nude shade because I figured it will go with almost any look and if I fancy going a bit OTT with my eye makeup I wont have to worry that the whole look is a little bit much

Of course being a lancome product it was far from cheap (£18.50) but I managed to convince myself that it's a great investment item that I really can't afford to do without. And I'm starting to think that might actually be the case! I've worn it numerous times and love it more n more with each wear; the fact that it's so long lasting and creamy is a definite bonus. I find that a lot of lipsticks crease and bleed easily because they're either too dry or too moist but with this I apply one coat, blot, apply a second coat and it lasts ages. I haven't bothered using a lip liner with it yet but I'm sure that it was last even longer if I did.

It’s early days yet so there’s always a chance I’ll revert back to my old makeup free lips in work but in the meantime I’m quite happy to use this every day
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