psa: CRAZY PILLS, deux

Hello, world.
  1. The deadline to withdraw from summer classes is today. Today is almost over. I am not withdrawing. I think this means I have made it to the other side of this summer. Hey there, other side. I didn't think I was going to see you. Special thanks to Tony, Stephanie, Steven, and Ravi. I am still here.

  2. I get to buy myself a celebratory self-promise/marriage/right-hand/Sam-you're-so-awesome ring when I am done, even if I flunk math and get a C in computer science.

  3. I know that I like computer science for the people, but I also get really excited for select parts of the curriculum (e. g. anything that has to do with the internet and information systems). Which is perfectly okay. And really - really - CS61A is the second most interesting class I've taken at Cal. Or possibly the most interesting.

  4. At most, today is only like the 10th day in the past 6 weeks that I haven't seen my lab partner at least once.
Two weeks to go!

Lately I've only been wearing skinny jeans, flats/sneakers, and t-shirts with hoodies. Here's something I wore like 2 weeks ago:

Above, t-shirt: probably Threadless. Dress: mother's, hand-me-down. Tights: generic. Oxfords: Payless.

Now... time for a typical Friday night doing computer science homework. Yeahhhhh.
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