better late than never

things I was thankful for in February
  • Amman for waiting for me on the way to Clark Kerr
  • Katya hiding spinach in Shiva's salad, and Shiva eating all of it and complaining about how weird his lettuce tasted
  • "Haters Gonna Hate" via DoubleTakes
  • hotel626 and being afraid of Amman/Marc's fridge turning on
  • DPon making fun of the way I wave overenthusiastically whenever I see him, by waving overenthusiastically at me
  • Lincoln for the phone call that morning
  • Bryan's cycling crash stories
  • hitting balloons with my roomie, using bananas as appendages, and the floor turning into hot lava
  • the guy in my ESPM class who spent the entire discussion with me trying to figure out what animals our animal crackers were
  • Marc's and Bryan's raspy early morning voices
  • the sun
  • Slumdog Millionaire, Sunshine, 7-Eleven, and completely guilt-free hot dogs and Twinkies
  • seeing Amman instead of Marc open the door
  • FotR in Bryan's room
  • Lowell peer pressure to eat veggie -_-
  • free stuff, Kombucha, picnics in the hallway, and AC Transit stickers
  • Marc not "pulling a dick move" on me and waiting for me at dinnertime
  • Hearing UCSB'S Naked Voices sing "All By Myself" in person
  • Zappos, fantastic customer service, and my new Hunters
  • Shiva complaining about the lack of fruit, saying "there aren't any 'nanas" with a British accent
  • jewelalchemy on etsy because I forgot what my natural lip color was
  • the middle school gym class discovery that you're supposed to wear boxers and not tighty-whiteys
  • "Y-fronts" (HAHAHA. My maturity level is mind-blowing.)
  • Amir, who helped me with Logic and is Iranian and is charming the pants off me with the curious way he says "Buh-bye" and "in my homeland" and adds "Eh?" at the end of questions
  • the sales clerks at the Academy for going down to the stockroom to get one measly elephant for me because the entire toddler-sized jar was brimming with tigers, giraffes, and zebras only
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