Marcus Claudius Marcellus

As I was saying to Marc during our walk to class this morning, I really am a pushover sometimes. (Or perhaps gullible.)

Case(s) in point:

(This morning, at the exact moment NURI and FAZED-GIRL both pass under Sather Gate headed in opposite directions)
NURI: [Fazed-Girl]! You gotta help me with my hair!
FAZED-GIRL: (instead of answering, "No, I don't" or "At least you know" or "Thanks for saying hi, punk") When?
NURI: Like April?
(Not until a few hours later does FAZED-GIRL realize this must be for his underage girlfriend's prom.)

(Last night, after a manly dinner followed by innuendo-laden YouTube videos)
AMMAN: [Fazed-Girl]! Watch this! (directs FAZED-GIRL to an eight-minute video montage of Korean high schoolers running around a track)
(Eight minutes later)
FAZED-GIRL: Wait, I think I missed something. Where was the funny part? (considers re-watching)

(Today, inside Moses Hall, while FAZED-GIRL is trying to go over homework answers with AMIR)
FAZED-GIRL: I wasn't sure about 2a, so I put F is 1-2, G is 1-2, and -
SOME JERK: Yeah, I totally didn't get it either.
FAZED-GIRL: (gives SOME JERK a Look) So if F is 1-2 and G is 1-2 and H is 3, that works too, right? Because then that makes the antecedent -
SOME JERK: I have class in a couple minutes. Could I look at your number 3?
FAZED-GIRL: Yeah, here. (hands SOME JERK her homework)
AMIR: Ah... Yah, so thee auntecedent is false, vhich makes thee conditional true...
(Thirty minutes later, FAZED-GIRL, done checking her answers, tries to turn in her homework, only to find that SOME JERK has handed her homework off to SOME OTHER IRANIAN GUY to copy off of.)
FAZED-GIRL: Um... can I get my homework back?
SOME OTHER IRANIAN GUY: Ah... this paper is very busy right now... It is a very engaging paper.
FAZED-GIRL: ...Uh... Can you turn it in for me?
SOME OTHER IRANIAN GUY: (noncommittal grunt)
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