What about a tea kettle?

So I painted my nails. Please excuse my disgusting cuticles that I cannot bring myself to stop picking at.

And then I got dressed.

Above, purple cardigan: Uniqlo. Teal faux pashmina: New York street vendor. Belt: GAP for boys. Dress: Old Navy. Tights: Look from London via Buffalo Exchange. Flats: Steve Madden.

I enjoy how much taller and thinner this next picture makes me feel.

And then I put on some rings. And did not put lotion on my hands (oh, this is really gross. Positively scaly).

Above, rings: Claire's.

And then I ended up at Border's for an hour reading Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close because I started to read it on amazon's Look Inside This Book feature and really liked it.

I got a good eighty or more pages into it before I had to leave. Which means I am now really textually frustrated and need to finish this book.

During the hour or so at Border's, I received several awkward comments on my tights. I think perhaps I will not wear them near middle-aged men.

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