looking back on the things I've done

Things I was thankful for in March:
  • when the light turns green right before you hit the end of the sidewalk to start crossing
  • Amir for saying hi to me or else I would never have realized we were in the same discussion section
  • remembering my resolution to be sincere, be dorkily earnest
  • that the guys who lived in this room 3 years ago dropped by, and that the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling were already there when they moved in
  • Marc and Elizabeth for distracting Amman so we could ambush his room a la The Office (sorry, I don't watch, so I don't where to link to the episode...)
  • Kim for thinking of The Office, Bryan for his fantastically ugly semi-inflated balloons, and Mariah for her amazing gift-wrapping skills
  • Kim for deciding to make her gift to Amman from everyone who ever existed on this floor
  • reading the wrong article for ESPM and then getting the luck of the draw during discussion and being assigned jury, which meant I only had to ask questions, not provide an argument
  • making fun of Daniel with Jessie
  • Billy Elliot (I kind of love this kid.)

  • Michael when he was reading through my scripts, because he did voices and everything
  • Bryan saying, "I just passed like five people from our floor!" to which I responded, "Sorry," to which he added, "But you're my favorite." Love you too.
  • I never thought I would say it, but Seward
  • Cafe Colucci and Ethiopian food
  • getting fliered by a Men's Octet man
  • wedding stories from my grandmother, while we were trying to polish an old necklace
  • Amélie
  • closing the window right before the wind turned and blew rain toward our side of the building
  • FaceBook mini-feed clogging
  • seeing people come back from Holi celebrations
  • that call from Ching about play submissions
  • Amir for asking if I wanted to study for our Logic midterm with him (and his cute friend!)
  • that I thought to myself, "Hey, that guy's accent sounds just like Amir's," while walking, only to turn around when I heard, "Oh, hi, Samantha" from Amir
  • ridiculousness, ridiculosity, being redic
  • garlic naan
  • figuring out how to put eyeliner on my waterline
  • Amir's friend... who is cute
  • Ben, because I still have a fatty crush on him and would like to be him when I grow up (...male, black and Japanese, and epicly cool)
  • my brother and cousin for picking me up and loving Crossroads food
  • Rabbids on the Wii
  • in general, Amman, who has appeared a (possible?) record 22/31 times on my daily lists this month (possible, if I don't count food in general)
  • the poo song from Scrubs and my brother singing it

  • music that can make you feel happy like an old time movie
  • pho, the bike racks, Kristine and her boy, C. O. Bigelow's Mentha Lip Shine, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, piano, and the thought of learning a new language
  • unagi
  • that call from Victoria!
  • the guy at the post office who let my mom and me renew our passports without an appointment
  • Spring Awakening music
  • Twilight, Kristen Stewart, and whoever plays Jasper
  • Midnight Sun
  • waking up in my dorm
  • Lincoln for inflating my Facebook photo count
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