two skirts, no effort

I call it Effortless In A Bad Way.

Above, printed thermal: Kohl's. Tank: Haight somewhere. Skirt: Nordstrom Rack. Tights: generic. Galoshes: Hunters via Zappos.

Can you blame me? There's so little incentive to wear anything exciting when you know it's all going to be hidden under a rain coat.

Above, light pink thermal: Old Navy, gift. White v-neck: Hanes via Target. Tights: generic. Socks: gift. Galoshes: Hunters via Zappos.

That being said, my beef with pastel colors was totally unfounded. Pastels are lovely. At least pastel pink. Still not ready to make any big leaps yet, though.

Daylight Savings. You befuddle me.
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