Amy Beh Cookin' Demo @ Hotel Armada

Last Sunday at 2pm, me n my friend attended Amy Beh's cookin demo held in Hotel Armada, free! Thanks to Miu, who told me to call certain number to attend this free class. Too bad that she couldn't turn up, as last min she got no transport.

The coo kin demo started with the introduction of the multiple cooking steamer from I-chef. A special appearance of a local celebrity actress - Susan. So the cooking demo has a lot of promo on I-chef products such as the ozone disinfector and the steamer, and some other useful info chipped in on eating healthily.

Due to me came in late, so I've got a seat at the back row. Didn't get to see clearly Amy's cooking, but i could see it from the projector (which is quite blur). But luckily we have copies of the recipes on hand while looking at her cook.

She taught 3 Chinese new year dishes: Golden prosperity kuih, Abundance Every yr (Fish dish), and Fatt choy kai (chicken dish). We only tasted the kuih, as the organising team which is the I-chef group told us that the hotel policy is no food tasting allow in the conference room. How disappointing. Oh, by the way, all the dishes above are mostly steamed. using Ichef steamer.

Anyway when she cooked the fish dish, I left after that when they're starting to have lucky draws for whoever spends money to buy I-Chef cookware. I don't really find this cooking demo fruitful, maybe should have try Amy Beh's other cooking class which we could have a free hands- on cooking class.
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