she's got me spending

Recently acquired things:

Above, plaid maxi dress, $5 via Target. This will be shortened to milkmaid length.

Above, romper, $17 via Forever21, purchased in anticipation of summer. I've never had a romper before, and I'm not sure if I'm going to keep this one because it is jersey, which can't be good for sitting in class for hours on end while sweating up a storm. But we'll see.

Above, London Fog handbag, $9 via ideeli. It is water-resistant. This makes me happy.

Above, ella bra, $26 from aerie by American Eagle. I would say I love this, but I don't. The fit is right (which is a complete shock for someone who fluctuates between cup sizes depending on the brand/which way the wind is blowing/other totally arbitrary factors), and the color is fantastic, but the straps are so thin. They keep twisting on me. Still, it's nice to have unpadded A- and B-cup bras.

Above, Lowriders from Skullcandy. Price: trivial cost of shipping my broken headphones for a warranty. So Skullcandy offers a replacement warranty for defective headphones and a 50% off coupon for headphones damaged by "aggressive listening." They ask you to send in whatever remains of your headphones and the story of how you broke them. I told them "My head is just too big you guys :(" and drew a picture of a girl with a huge head. They sent me a free pair. Now that's what I call classy. (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Victoria's Secret sales girl who completely humiliated me by asking if I wanted to have my bra measurements taken and then proceeded to tell me I was actually so small I didn't need to wear a bra and that you don't stock double-A but would I like to look at the beauty products? I may have a small band size, but I'm a B-cup. Fuck you.)

For the record, everything but the romper was purchased before my shopping ban was instated. The romper was purchased after, but it was supposed to count as "washable shorts" for rainy days, and I figured it could double as part of my summer wardrobe. I think I might exchange them, though.
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