#radicalselflove (note to self)

Hey you. Yeahhhh you, baby. This is why you are awesome:
  • Your eyelashes are perfect. Please don't change them.
  • You have a waist.
  • You've learned to cook over the past year, and you're much more confident in the kitchen now. And you had virtually no help.
  • You have made a conscious effort to give good to your family.
  • You are making smart sartorial decisions in terms of building a wardrobe.
  • You are extremely self-aware. And not very self-conscious.
  • You're pretty good at public speaking.
  • You can totally laugh at yourself and do stupidly embarrassing things and be okay with yourself afterward.
  • You are at Cal. You got into Cal after the academic I don't know, crucible, of high school and aren't a C-student.
  • You decided at one point that you wanted to go to UCLA, and you figured out how to get there.
  • You have been very patient with your hair.
  • You are really good at faking it until you make it.
  • You are doing well in your major.
  • You are talking to people. Just like you said you would.
  • You are letting yourself feel everything instead of putting it in a box.
  • You have relearned to use chopsticks correctly, just like you told yourself you would.
  • You have full use of all your limbs, you fuck your fear, you are not dead, emotionally vacant, useless, a failure, worthless, or taking an easy way out. How could this possibly be the easy way out?
  • You are kinda cute, too.
And don't you forget it.

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