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This is overdue (like everything else on this blog!), but thank you to Pierrot Le Fou from glad rags to riches for this Princess Award!

I’m not sure exactly how to interpret all of these, but…

Give thanks to whom it gives you – Thank you to Pierrot Le Fou over at glad rags to riches. The lady has the best tights and jewelry collection that don’t require selling an arm and a leg (and a few internal organs) out there. Go check her out!
Name and an author you love – Jonathan Safran Foer!
If applicable, name an author who highlights – I… what?
Books you loveLolita, The Grapes of Wrath, The House of Mirth
Something that always excites you – the opening scenes in Harry Potter movies when “Hedwig’s Theme” is playing
Something you hate – negativity

And because I never know who to tag… TAG, YOU’RE IT.
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