Things I Love: January 2010

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This is a little late.

Dear 2010, you're kinda cute. Let me count the ways!
  • frozen spoons
  • Closet Confidential, a real-life book by Winona from DaddyLikey that I am totally willing to pimp. It should be required reading for women everywhere. Especially the part about having a handbag ready for an emergency.
  • my new lace-up boots
  • Scheme
  • Crepevine
  • my mother
  • 17 Again and Zac Efron
No, srs, guys, where is my mature, loving, family-oriented 37-year-old-man in the body of a 22-year-old Adonis? [via]

OHAI. [via]
  • cleaning out my makeup bag
  • playing with Carissa in our blanket fort in the living room
  • coral-pink Neutrogena lipstick
  • blog comments
  • YOU GUYS! Seriously. All 2.5 (aka ~90) of you. Your comments are JOY. Except you, Chinese Spambot. Your comments are not joy. Maybe I should just leave them there instead of deleting them from now on.
  • Connie
  • my apartment because oh there is nothing like having a quiet, empty building to yourself after a month at home in a house with heavy familial traffic
  • that I have gone back to normal shampoo + conditioner having tried 'poo alternatives for 8 (?) months
  • Daniel because finally there is someone equally enthused about course material! Anyone who has "faɪnəli ɡɔt̚ aɪ pi eɪ ɑn hɪz mæk!!!" as a Facebook status has to be awesome.
  • Jessie
  • falling asleep in CS3L lecture and waking up to Professor Harvey asking for a 2-word Beatles song, calling out "Hey Jude" from the back row, which he used, and then falling asleep again
  • Ching
  • my Skullcandy headphones
  • Dr. Bronner's lip balm on sale at Target
  • Saturday night family dinners
  • feeling sleepy at 11 PM
  • nurseries and the smell of wet earth and miniature daffodils
  • short skirts
  • Marc!
  • "Fix You" and this cover because I totally do have a crush on the lead singer
  • my Hunter rain boots
  • Stephanie my lab partner! Here's to 3-hour 8 AM labs!
  • Carmen & Liz
  • SET!
  • Mihran and Kathleen
  • Soda because it is a really nice building and there is never a line for the women's bathroom
  • apartment meetings where we go over our rent and utilities and animal menstruation
  • every single time that I reaffirm that I really, really like linguistics
  • Sunshine
  • planting my snow and sweet peas and the subsequent dirt under my fingernails
  • my tiny 9-person linguistics discussion with the Uma Thurman GSI
  • my mother's old trench coat and the love and labor that went into taking up the hem and letting out the sleeves by hand
  • fucking my fear because it is good for me
  • breaking my shopping ban
  • getting into my waitlisted classes (12th for a 50-person class and 23rd for a 150-person class)
  • This extremely useful diagram provided by the management:
LOOKERS! The first edition of 2010 and the first edition ever with LADEEZ. 'Cause I have the biggest crush on Dianna Agron. But first, the ... less fair sex:

Above, I have no idea who this is. But he is obvz my soulmate because I make that face too. And I have a trench coat. We were made for each other. [via]

Above, HAIR UNF. [via]

Above, THAT HAIR. THOSE SHORTS. The fine blond hair on his legs! (But in the lamplight, downed with light brown hair!) Thank you, T. S. Eliot! [via]

Above, Matthew Morrison + a cigarette = so bad it's good. [via]

Aaaaand time for some major Dianna Agron spam (with a bit of Lea Michele):




By the way, um, isn't that black top beautiful? [via]

And one for the menfolk 'cause dressed down is sexy too. [via]
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