No apologies for the excessive photos of me (never apologize for mind-blowing beauty!) because this is my first trench coat and I love it. It's by FoxRun and is actually my mother's and used to hit at about mid-calf. My grandma and mom spent a weekend taking up the hem by hand and letting out the sleeves (my aunt who is really tiny wore it for a while, so the sleeves had been taken up). Unfortunately, the mini belt-loops on the sleeves still need to be reattached lower, now that the sleeves have been let out, so I've been rolling the sleeves for now, lest I look like a disproportionately long-armed giant. I'm really happy with the way all the hemmed fabric gives the coat a rather dramatic A-line and even happier that I don't have to go out and buy a serious trench coat. I'd been scouring department stores for "a trench coat that will look like I either bought it yesterday or thirty years ago" and failing miserably. (Petite ladies, HOLLA at how difficult it is to find coats that don't engulf you.) So I was really excited when my mom remembered that she had an old trench coat stored somewhere and now I am basically walking on air (while wearing a trench coat and feeling like a flasher or purveyor of counterfeit watches, of course).

Trench coat: FoxRun, hand-me-down. Scarf: Old Navy. Longsleeve: Apt 9. Skinny jeans: Forever21. Galoshes: Hunter. Rings: secondhand, estate sale.
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