shopping ban: broken!

Dear Gladys,

You had really good taste.

So as before, my shopping ban has been broken by an estate sale, because LIKE MEN AND FINE WINE, jewelry is better with age.*

Unlike last time, this shopping ban lasted exactly two days, but I realize that my motivation for instating shopping bans in the first place is all wrong. Sure, preventing myself from buying things makes me less likely to be broke, but it doesn't generate money. At the end of a shopping ban, I'm not any richer than I when I started. But I am considerably pickier, which is more important in the long run.

So I've decided that it's okay to buy things, especially if I'm spending money less indiscriminately, because it helps me build a better wardrobe.

So these are my new (old?) rings. I actually love that they're all adjustable, which surprises me because I thought I would agree with yellow who (I think?) really dislikes adjustable rings. It's just nice to have rings that fit on my index, middle, and ring fingers without worrying if I'll be able to take them off. (FATTY!)

Another surprise is that I really like wearing yellow gold despite loudly declaring myself a silver and white gold kind of girl. I've been wearing this one every day:

This next one's from the Order of the Eastern Star, which I think is a Masonic organization for women. (I wore it upside-down in the other picture: the white star tip is supposed to point down.)

And here are the others, which don't have such interesting stories but which I love too:

*Not all jewelry is better with age. But I'm a sucker for old things. See misguided silver spoon purchase.
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