Because every time I wear these pants, I get some variation of "Did you escape from the circus?" but I also feel like I can take over the world, and shouldn't all your clothes make you feel like that?

Bomber: mother's. Hoodie: brother's. Striped jeans: delia's. Boots: Steven by Steve Madden.

P. S. I was contacted by Smashion at the beginning of February to do a little blog interview. In typical college student fashion, I procrastinated on it for a month before I finally got around to sending my answers in, but they were kind enough to publish it anyway.

My interview goes up at the Smashion Lounge sometime tomorrow, but until then, you can read other bloggers' interviews at the archives, where you'll find interviews with other Berkeley-based bloggers from Work It, Berk, A California Dreamer, Inspirafashion, and The Laugh Slut. And there's a great interview with Vanessa Kuo, Director of Marketing at Smashion, over at the BARE Magazine blog (as reported by Anisa from The Laugh Slut!).

If you've never heard of Smashion, its biggest feature is its no-fees online marketplace for buying/selling new and lightly used clothing, which is pretty genius if you ask me. From what I've heard, it's a really good place to try if you're looking to sell things in good condition, but you'll have to wait longer to find buyers (because the community's still new and growing, unlike, say, etsy or ebay where there's already a sprawling community).
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