Skincare - How much is too much?

I’ve been a dreadful blogger recently thinks to having zero free time! Adryen is moving (closer to me, yay!) so I’ve been viewing houses with him and working lots of extra hours at work – I’ve found that only having one day off in a week kinda sucks :(

Because I’ve been so busy over the last few weeks I’ve had some serious trouble dragging myself out of bed… I'd hit my snooze button so many times I basically had to choose between brushing my hair and brushing my teeth. Never an easy choice but I decided on minty fresh breath and a slightly messy natural up-do :)

Having so little time in the mornings has got me thinking about which products I’d consider “essential”… I've been told to use numerous different lotions and potions for all my skin concerns (by various sales assistants, magazine articles and online gurus) and the sheer amount of them is becoming ridiculous

In theory, after washing my face I need to use; a toner, my anti-spot gel (prescribed by my doctor) a serum for my face/eyes - it would seem no skin care routine is complete without some sort of serum these days - a pore minimiser, an eye cream, a moisturiser, eye/face primers. That’s 9 products before I even get started on my makeup!

Because I've added each of these gradually over the last few years I haven’t really noticed just how many goodies I've started "needing" to use every day, which has got me curious about what everyone else uses on a daily basis. Are you a cleanse, tone and moisturiser girl? Or have you been sucked into the world of serums, primers and concentrates too?
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