My Top 5 Drugstore Concealers

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about makeup it’s that starting with a bad base just leads to a bad end result… I reckon there’s nothing worse than applying a brand new foundation, realising it’s actually not particularly nice but then spending 15 minutes doing the rest of your makeup in the hopes that it’ll improve the look of the crappy foundation

I’ve been there plenty of times and I’m not a big fan of starting over cos I’m just way to lazy On the basis of that I try to ensure I always start with a good primer (if I can be bothered applying one at all) foundation and concealer. That way all the little feature highlighting makeup products like lipstick and eyeshadow really have the chance to enhance the face and look superb :)

Over the last couple of months I’ve tried loads of different concealers and these are my current drugstore favourites – I’ll probably do a list of high end favourites too but to be honest I like the drugstore ones best

These are all inexpensive, give good coverage, don’t crease much throughout the day, don’t sink into the teensy lines around the eyes too much (although they do sink into the little creases a bit, I’ve never come across a single concealer that doesn’t) and come in extremely natural looking shades

Although I’ve mostly concentrated on the dark circles under my eyes these have also been used to hide blemishes too… they all hide the redness of blemishes and aren’t thick or cakey so don’t just draw more attention to the area. Unfortunately I’ve tried quite a few concealers that just seem to highlight the areas I’m trying to hide. Money well spent, eh? :)

5th) Bourjois - Bio Detox Organic

4th) Natural Collection - CoverUp Cream

3rd) Rimmel - Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer

2nd) Max Factor - Mastertouch Under-eye Concealer

1st) Maybelline - Super Stay 24h Concealer

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