Free Benefit goodies with Glamour

There are some awesome freebies with so many different magazines this month! Honestly I could call into my local newsagents and come out with a whole new makeup collection (which is actually fairly likely)
The Glamour freebies always seem to sell out straight away so I bought these on Friday and figured I could play around with them over the weekend before actually wearing them out. I’m not really a big fan of Benefit and although they have a few superb products I’m always a bit sceptical cos I’ve tried so many gimmicky, rubbish ones from the range
I definitely wouldn’t dream of buying these in full sizes for the full price unless I’d had plenty of time to try them out and decide whether or not I’d actually incorporate them into my routine so these little mini sizes are really handy
I’ll do proper reviews on these once I’ve used them for a while but I already quite like the High Beam and Posie Tint. Haven’t been brave enough to try the Bene Tint yet cos it’s such a striking colour and as you can see from the pic above it’s seriously watery (look how it’s seeping into the little lines on my hand!!) so I’ve just been a tad nervous about using it. Might give it a shot today though as I’m not really heading anywhere other than the park and the supermarket so wont be too concerned if it looks a bit of a mess!

Oh oh oh! I nearly forgot to mention the price. Glamour magazine is £2 this month so it's £6 for all 3 products and the RRP is £28. Quite a nice little saving if they're products you'd normally be buying anyway ♥
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