Free Jemma Kidd lip glosses

Don’t you just love when magazines give away genuinely awesome freebies? I took a walk to the shop on my lunch hour today cos it was much too nice out to stay indoors and spotted Red magazine with… Get this!… Free Jemma Kidd lip glosses!!! There are 3 different shades and I’ll probably end up buying them all but today I only got my favourite which is a delicious nude shade called Petal (17) Considering these are normally £14 each it was nice to get the gloss and a mag for £3.80
Just about to get a nice cool shower before I call to Adryens and I think I’ll debut my new gloss :) Hmmm…Is it sad that I’m gonna do my makeup even though we’ll just be lying around watching episodes of QI and Dexter?
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