My Son's Classmate, Alissa's Birthday Party

Two weeks ago, my son and other classmates were invited to their classmate, Alissa's birthday party. The party was at the birthday girl’s house near my place. All the kids were so excited and did have lots of fun that day.  Honestly, I love attending kids' birthday parties. I always see it as a nice opportunity get to know to get to know the other parents and casual chit-chatting among us.

When the kids arrived, they were at first just playing together nothing in particular. Alissa’s mom planned some simple party food and prepared a few party games for the kids. All the children were so happy and everyone was eying on the prize that was full of candies and goodies.

After the game it was blowing the candles, then we light the candle and we sings "Happy Birthday to you"! All the children were so amazed including mothers.

 The cakes are cutely decorated.

OMG! Look...  I have not experienced this before. Children start licking the candies before cutting the cake. 

No.. No.. No... Where is the "Ladybirds" & M&M candies?

My son always loved taking photographs like I do.

At the end of the party, all the kids were so happy getting full bag of goodies filled with candies, color pencil, toys, and photo frame. My son had so much fun with his classmates.

Do your children attend their classmate’s parties? Do share with me.

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