Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer

Is it just me or do some concealers do a really really good job of drawing attention to the area they're s'posed to be concealing?! I have at least half a dozen that leave my dark cirles looking creased, dry and a strange colour which isn't exactly what I'm going for. I was well impressed by the Maybelline 24hr Super stay liquid concealer so when I was browsing the Maybelline counter recently I figured I may as well try the Liquid Minerals one too…

This has been an absolute saviour over the last week or so cos I've had a few angry looking red spots on my chin (oddly they've been fairly flat so I've been more concerned about hiding the redness than the shape) and this has done a great job of disguising them for most of the day. Also, I haven't been sleeping the best so the circles under my eyes are slowly become a rather unpleasant shade of navy as the week goes on. And with this only being Tuesday I imagine I'll be pretty frightening by Friday
I've found liquid concealers less reliable than cream ones when it comes to coverage because they tend to be quite runny or translucent so I usually have to reapply them more frequently. Yet I almost always use liquid concealers but I guess that has a lot to do with buying ones that match foundations I already have!

When I use a teensy tiny amount of this under my eyes they look a million times brighter, even before I've applied any foundation or mascara. In fact it makes me look exactly like Jennifer Lopez. Ok that bit was a lie but it's still a fab product :)
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