Gunther's @ Purvis Street, Singapore

French modern dark doors welcome us to the world of fine dining modern french cuisine. Gunther's was opened in partnership between award- winning chef Gunther Hubrechsen and Roberto Galetti from the Garibaldi Group.Gunther's most recently voted into the prestigious S. Pellegrino World's Best Restaurants 2010 ranked at 84 as well as Asia's top 7th restaurant in the 2009/2010 edition of The Miele Guide.

Before ordering, the waiter introduce their "specials of the day", air flown from all over the world, wagyu beef, white asparagus, black truffles, bamboo clam from Scottland, scallop etc and a "live" lobster on display!
Dark interior infused with Art Nouveau style, with tastefully designed furnitures. A dining venue with flexibility for either business meals, private party, or romantic tete-a-tetes.

 Fresh apple juice.

 Freshly baked baguette with super smooth butter. Simply out of the world for such smooth texture butter and it's taste too. I wonder where can I buy such good butter.  

Mushroom Cappucino.
This is one of the best mushroom soup I've ever had! I wonder how many tiny million pieces of mushrooms chopped and blend into the soup. One thing I noticed, the top part of the soup is frothy.

 Cold Angel Hair Pasta, tomato, mozzarella and ham.

Tagliatelle pasta, Provencale style
Tagliatte was cooked al-dente with tantalizing herbs, mushrooms and spices to tease my palate. There's alot of tiny chopped ingredients in the dish, which i couldnt tell which is what. I must say this is truly superb dish. 

Grilled pork shoulder with fragrant tomato rice.
According to Mr, this is simply an amazing dish! The pork shoulder is fork tender and it must have done with slow cooking that brings to it tenderness that blends so well with the tomato rice.

  Super smooth creamy texture of  not too sweet panna cotta, topped with rapsberry.

 The petit four: Canelé, Madeleines, Crusty almond flakes, and Valrhona chocolate.

Closer view on the cripsy Almond flakes

Madeleines - small buttery sponge cake. Definitely taste better than normal sponge cake.

I was fooled by the outlook, it has a thick, hard caramelised crust on the outer part. After a bite, it suprised me that it has a soft texture in the center.

I was not suprised to find a French product - L'occitane in the washroom! One of my favourite product. Leaving the restaurant with L'occitane Verbana smells on my hands, that completes a wholesome french dining experience. I would definitely come back for the food again, all the ooohhss and aahhhs effect after each bite, it's just unforgettable!

36 Purvis Street 01-03
Reservations: +65 6338 8955
Contas Premium
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