A Perfect X Simple Evening With Hada Labo

Yay! Hada Labo event is finally here! For those who missed out the event last year like I do, here's your chance to participate. There are only 100 invites to be given out. So hurry, become a fan of MY Hada Labo Facebook and register your spot now. I am sure you won't want to miss it out again! Once you have registered, an email will be sent to you and please remember to pay your RM20 'Invite Fee' before the due date, or else your slot will automatically be cancelled.

Update on 01/06 :  75 spots have been taken up in just less than 4 hours and it is going fast! Grab it before it's gone! But you can still register under the waiting list even the slots are full.  Do pray hard! If someone releases their spot, who knows you may be the lucky one!

Update on 17/06 :  Due to popular demand, My Hada Labo are reopening its registration for the "Perfect X Simple Evening with Hada Labo" event! Only 40 spots are available! So hurry and register your spot today!

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