Rimmel Lasting Finish

I don't really get why blushes are often split into separate colours these days… I mean it's understandable if the colours are large enough to be used for different things like contouring or adding bronze tones to the cheeks but when they're small stripes of similar colour like this it doesn’t make much sense to me! That being said I still like the finish this gives - very natural with just a teensy hint of shimmer

The powder is actually quite loosely packed so you only need to dab a brush against this gently to get a lot of product which isn't necessarily a bad thing but I find this to be a bit messy cos it's almost impossible to stop the powder ending up everywhere and I'm a bit of a neat freak so I don't even like it when I get spackles of blush around the plastic palette!
The shade I've gone for is Winter Glow which is pretty much exactly how I'd describe the look this gives. I could almost see this replacing my MUA (shade 1) blush as a subtle, natural, easy-to-apply-go-to-blush for every day use. Almost but not quite cos my MUA one costs £1 whereas this costs around £6.49 :)
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