Rimmel Mono Eyeshadows

When I'm looking for new makeup I'll generally veer towards the Rimmel counter for everything but eyeshadows. I reckon most of their range - from foundation and mascara to lipstick and powder - is fantastic but the eyeshadows have always left me disappointed. They just seem a bit below average in so many ways; not quite pigmented, smooth, or long-lasting enough and the colours aren't even particularly eye-catching when they're still in the packaging, which is generally when they look their best!

Punchy Taupe, Royal Violet and Jade Flirt

When the new Glam Eyes mono shades were released I had a quick glance at the colours available but had no intentions of actually buying any… well not until I saw them on sale in TJ Hughes for £1.49 each! At that kind of price I had to pick up a few to give them a try

Firstly I have to say that these are still not gonna make it onto my favourite eyeshadow list (yep, I do have such a list, albeit a mental one. A clear indicator that I don't have enough hobbies methinks) but they're definitely much better than I had anticipated

The colours are vibrant and fairly pigmented so it means I'm not having to pack on more n more eyeshadow to get a decent level of colour. Also, the texture is pretty nice because the powder isn't too tightly packed so I don't have to dig my brush in or keep going back to the pan again and again to get a decent amount of colour

It's also fairly long-lasting; I've even worn it to work without a primer and it still looked pretty fresh at the end of the day. Overall I'd say they're nothing to write home about but still handy if you fancy a change so they'd get a very average 6/10 from me :)
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