The key to perfect natural(ish) brows

GOSH eyebrow kit - 3 shades of powder, wax cream, brush/sponge tip applicator

I’ve been on the lookout for a nice brow powder for ages so was well pleased when I spotted this little beauty in Superdrug… The GOSH stand seems to have something new n gorgeous every time I walk past so in order to avoid temptation I’m just gonna shut my eyes and run past it from now on
Anywho… A couple of years ago I treated myself to some Clinique goodies and they gave me one of their awesome GWPs. It came with a little eyeshadow duo which I fell in love with immediately! The pale colour is a great highlighter/base shade and the brown matches my brows perfectly so I’ve been using it as my every day powder (on and off cos I’m always trying new stuff) for about 18 months. I haven’t even hit pan on the brown shade but I’m sick using the same one… no particular reason other than I’d rather have something prettier and newer :)
...My perfectly functional but drab Clinique eyeshadow duo
My backup (Urban Decays Brow Box) has come in handy when I just fancy using something different but I dropped it about a fortnight ago and the dark shade, which was the colour that suited me best, shattered and ended up everywhere :(

Which is why I simply had to pick up this little GOSH quad. I’ve been using the colour on the top left during the day and the one on the top right if I’m heading out somewhere nice in the evening and am going for a pale skin/dark eye look. The little brush/sponge applicator is awesome and the quality is exactly what I’ve come to expect from the GOSH accessories – it’s soft, extremely precise, easy to use and easy to wash
Oh and if I hadn’t been won over by the fantabulous powders then the little paper insert would’ve done the trick cos it says “It is important not to pluck the brows too much or draw them too dark – they must be well shaped and look natural” and that kind of advice would’ve been invaluable when I was younger and just starting to wear makeup. Ok, so I probably would’ve just ignored it but I like to think I’d have learned my lesson sooner!

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