Sigma brushes - worth the hype?

Sigma 12 brush Make Me Crazy Kit in purple
If you’re a bit too busy to read a big long-winded post the short answer is yep, I reckon so :)
Even the packaging is awesome! With purple being one of my favourite colours I love having this sitting out next to my mirror, and of course I can just pop the lid on the make sure the brushes don't gather loads of dust

I’d been lusting after some Sigma brushes for a while (specifically the foundation and powder ones) but couldn’t justify buying them when I already own so many perfectly good brushes. Which is why this has got to be one of the most awesome presents ever! A friend of my got me these a few weeks ago for no reason at all, which I thought was incredibly sweet and ridiculously extravagant. Even after using them for such a short time I think they're worth their weight in gold, so much so that I literally can’t imagine doing my makeup without them now From top to bottom : Large Powder, Duo Fibre, Large Angled Contour, Foundation and Concealer

Being a bit of a clean freak I wash my brushes fairly frequently and these dry fantastically… I hate the way brushes from really cheap brands end up kinda straggly with lots of missing bristles in no time cos it makes them so much more difficult and less pleasant to use

That’s not to say I wont use any other brands on a daily base; my Bella Pierre blending brush is one that I’ve never managed to find a comparison for! But these are so soft, well made and nice to use that I will definitely be investing in a few more ♥
From top to bottom: Small Angle, Eye Shading, Pencil, Medium Angled Shading, Tapered Blending, Large Shader and Eyeliner
Contas Premium
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