I am actually eager for summer, but

HI GUYS. Too much reading that I don't want to catch up on yet + Glee + clearing out folders = more F/W 2010 Fashion Week recap from um like two months ago or something.

All photos from style.com.

Above, from Burberry Prorsum. Military blazer. Poop green lace. Bizarrely appealing, no?

Above, also Burberry Prorsum. Military blazer, variation on poop green lace, variation on the cage skirt. Also bizarrely appealing.

Details to make me swoon.

Swooning. I love hardware.

Above, last of the Burberry. I don't care how close this is to a Don't Show-Cha Your Chocha. Navy blue + brass buttons will always work in my book. And check out that horizontal zipper. Oui & oui.

Above, from Carolina Herrera, because I like florals. Deal with it.

Above, Cerruti. Haven't seen monochrome in a while, plus the velvet skirt and fuzzy fuzzy sweater makes me want to go home to this outfit for a good snuggle and mope after flunking math tests.

Above, from Chado Ralph Rucci. I'm not actually all that fond of how this looks overall, but I love the whole The Universe Just Threw Up On My Torso aesthetic. Also, the translucent button plackets. Ohhhh yes.

Above, whack print and whack shoes from Holly Fulton. I dig. The coat reminds me of geometric pattern coloring books and stained glass and cathedral domes. And the shoes remind me of bowling, but maybe on acid.

Above, from Chloe. I think I just like the skirt length and the idea of everything knitwear.
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