spring thaw

I would tell you that I decided to herald the arrival of spring with a floral belt, its vivid color fighting against the drab of my trench coat like the struggle of a venturing sprout through torrential downpours and a ceiling of frosted soil, but the truth is, I grabbed the only one that would fit through the belt loops of my trench coat. This outfit is profound.

P. S. Dear Jojo and Em,

Thank you for turning me on to the convenience of a hair tie for keeping the end of my belt from flopping around fecklessly.

P. P. S. Fecklessly: my new favorite word? Quite possibly. Thanks, linguistics.

I also busted a hole in my sock. Witness my ashy heels. I take this as a good sign (the hole, not the ashy heels) because it means I am wearing the life out of my clothes.

T-shirt: Captain Awesome, Threadless. Pink sweater: Target. Trench coat: hand-me-down, mother's, FoxRun. Floral belt: from a dress, Goodwill. Skinny jeans: Forever21. Plaid shoes: Keds.
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