Things I Love: March 2010


In March, I was happy because life threw these things my way:
  • Daniel, for letting me geek out
  • linguistics midterms that are kind of fun (This is the right major! You know it!)
  • midterms where you get an uncurved A- and the class average is in the 70s
  • Stephanie, only the Best Lab Partner Ever
  • that my hair is long enough to pull back with a rubberband into a nubby ponytail, even if I look like a mob member (or Howie D, circa '99)
  • flipping through Alexander McQueen's past shows and realizing just how good he was at executing his creative ideas
  • the linguistics library, which exists!
  • my friends from high school
  • Tom for "No, I completely relate to what you're saying!"
  • when the tap heats up quickly on cold mornings
  • getting out of linguistics lecture early, so I wasn't sweaty when I got to my compsci lecture, and getting out of my compsci lecture early so I wasn't sweaty for my math quiz, which I proceeded to ace
Above, to illustrate. Green: linguistics to compsci. Blue: compsci to math (uphill). But not as bad as last semester's orange: linguistics to linguistics (uphill).
  • Michael Buble's secret agent-themed video for "Feeling Good"
  • not being the only one having trouble with higher order functions
  • getting frustrated over a programming problem and hearing a "Yes" to "Can we talk this out?"
  • Denny + Thai Basil, and letting myself get talked into eating with him
  • my mother for not questioning my extreme craving for a bowl of chili
  • making decisions
  • my fatty Nivea lip balm that looks like a glue stick

Wow, I forgot how much .GIFs are full of visual suck. Whatever, you get the idea.
  • attempting to make potato chips in the microwave thanks to LifeHacker
  • seeing Ben-jammin' on the way to class
  • Henri for giving me a tissue, even if he does have mono
  • Mihran, and having mundane, trivial things to giggle over
  • the smell of freshly cut grass
  • Nizlopi's "Yesterday"
  • the feeling of taking retainers off
  • feeling like a cute bitch in my Skullcandy headphones, as Jessie once put it
  • Crepevine, lactose-intolerance be damned, and my brother and cousins
  • cooking dinner with my aunt's extremely vague recipe
  • the story of how my second aunt met her husband, and how she thought he was so pathetic and not good enough for her, and how he said, "Oh! You go to the library to study? Me too!" and how he won the love of her entire family (my family!) until she sort of gave in and finally went out with him
  • street vendor hot dogs with my brother
  • how ordering clothes online is really fast now
  • clearing out my inbox
  • the conservative-looking middle-aged lady in line ahead of us, who, in response to my asking Shelby and Connie, "Does this make me look pregnant?" said that nobody will care if I look pregnant in my sheer black blouse if I wear a sexy black lace bra underneath because they'll be distracted by how hot I look
  • not wearing a scarf for the first time in months
  • the salespeople at Shotwell
  • knowing that I know how to rethread the industrial sewing machine downstairs!
  • the Other orthodontist at the office, who fixed my retainers, and who said "Is that fun?!" at my reading What Is Morphology? and my being able to answer, "It's required reading. But yes."
  • spicy eggplant
  • Aaron and Victoria, and the Botanical Gardens, and crepes, and donut shops, and relief
  • that Harriet got into Cal (!!! but I think she should go to SD)
  • ChatRoulette videos (thanks Spenser!)

  • my new shoes from Miz Mooz
  • waxing
  • old fashioned donuts
  • the Universe, for giving me exactly what I need, exactly when I need it
  • these incredibly attractive individuals:
How cute is Tao Okamoto?!

Francisco Lachowksi again, because, well, can you say no to that?

Ash Stymest, of course.

Some model in a questionable scarf/sweater/thing. But oh God what a perfect face. Is the human capacity for physical beauty not amazing?

I have no idea who this Choi Siwon is, but he's really cute and is holding a little kid and is Asian (I know, I know! They're so hard to find) and all my daddy issues are rearing their heads right now because I want to go to a 1950s diner and share a milkshake and pick jukebox songs with him.

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