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Dear 2.5 readers,

I have recently discovered that using blogger in Google Chrome is not nearly as easy as Firefox because font sizing gets wonky and it crashes a lot while I'm moving images around. So while I'm keeping Chrome as my browser, I'll be editing in Firefox from now on. So if (from now on because omg you guys I edited back to January so everything looked right and this is one of those times I regret posting so often and there is no way I'm editing anything further back), you see any weirdly sized fonts, oversized videos, mysteriously small photos, broken links, whatever, please let me know! By comment, formspring, email, note attached to a brick thrown through my window - whatever is easiest. Also I like when people point out my spelling errors. Like that time I spelled "lip" with two L's.

[EDIT: And leave your browser! And maybe screen resolution. But mainly browser. Please?]


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