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A little while back, I was contacted by eShakti to do a review of a product of my choice. Naturally, I went to my Epic Thrift List and determined that I was most definitely lacking in knee-length summer skirts, so I ordered this one:

In case you haven't heard of eShakti, it's an online company that offers customizable clothing. You can purchase items in standard sizing or give your measurements for a personalized fit, and for most items you can select alternative necklines, sleeves, waistbands, etc. I'd describe the company's aesthetic as a hit-and-miss version of Anthropologie, and maybe for a slightly older demographic.

Anyway, here's my rundown:
  1. PRO: For a company that ships custom-fit clothing from India, wow, was the shipping fast. It was delivered before I even had a chance to go home for the weekend to fetch it.

  2. PRO or CON: The material has an interesting texture, like cotton-linen but smoother. I guess that's what cotton satin means. I mean, it's the kind of fabric I would never pay a lot of money for, but at the same time, I'm the kind of person who would never pay a lot of money for anything lighter than, like, crushed velvet. Who am I kidding? I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to pay a lot of money for anything, period.

  3. CON: The lining is not silky. In fact it's kind of stiff and can be poky if my bag happens to be banging against my leg, so the skirt can't really be worn with tights without bunching up.

  4. CON: The first time I wore it, the lining got bunched up under my shoulder/tote bag until I wised up and held my bag like a clutch instead.

  5. PRO and CON: The fabric is light enough that without the lining, it's semi-sheer if backlit - so I probably gave everyone a hint of my booty shorts while walking to class - but this also means it's really good for summer, which is what I need (it's definitely opaque with both layers in place, though).

  6. CON: The waist sash tie thing is really long and easily wrinkled and looks funny and bumpy if I tie it in a bow and then wear anything over it.

  7. CON: The waist isn't tight enough, but I probably should have given a smaller waist measurement because it's a zipper with hook & eye closure, not elastic, and I like very snug waistbands. Maybe I should have gotten elastic instead...


  9. PRO: Waist sash tie thing is cute cute cute.

  10. PRO: The length is perfect, which is definitely saying something, because below-the-knee has the potential to be disastrously unflattering.

  11. PRO: A-line silhouette is pricelessly good.

  12. PRO: The waist is just as high as it should be.

  13. PRO: Machine-washable!

  14. PRO: I feel cute and classy as hell:
White Peter Pan collar blouse: French Toast uniforms. Black ribbon: from a Forever21 skirt. Gray cardigan; Uniqlo. Black skirt: courtesy of eShakti. Flats: Palladium.
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