Spring Break

This is how I spent my Spring Break.
Thanks to my lovely roommate, Megan, I was able to find out which celebrities I'm related to

From left to right: Jackie Onassis Kennedy,  James Dean,  Rudyard Kipling (author of the Jungle Book), Robert Frost,  Betty Davis,  Joan Of Arc (not an actual photograph, but you know)
so basically, I'm related to really intelligent, brave, good looking, and fashionable people. Sweet

I took my little brother to the zoo.  But really, I took my boyfriend to the zoo, because he was the most excited about it.  
The two little boys
I took advantage of my time off by watching movies with my boyfriend, something we rarely have the time to do.  And it was soooo fun and I loved watching movies.  And what is a movie marathon without old school Disney movies?  Those are the best movies ever. 
The last one we have to watch is Pochahontas, which we are definitely going to watch this evening.  

I'm sad that Spring Break is over.  It was really fun and relaxing, even though I didn't get to go to New York like my friend Hailey and go on the Jimmy Fallon Show.  Lucky girl.  But anyway, I'm sad that I have school this week.  

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