tabula rasa

Also, I am starting my wall over. Because my photos, like my bedroom ceiling, all the windowsills, and the shower walls, were growing mildew too. It's a pretty sad endeavor so far, but as I've said before, I like symbolic action, and, well, it's time to jump off the cliff - what better way to start anew than with a blank wall?


From Hugh MacLeod at gapingvoid's How To Be Creative, Rule #7: Keep your day job. In the same vein as Gary Vaynerchuk's "Position yourself to succeed," this is my mantra and what I have to do regardless of how terrifying failure is.

Quote attributed to Anaïs Nin and Chuck Noll, but seeing as the former was a writer of diaries and erotica, and the latter was a football player/coach, I'd say it was probably Chuck Noll. Next to artist's editions of the hypsterism x fazed-girl collaborations, not because Gordon makes me think of hustling, but because it was the only thing without stuff growing on it. Lamination for the win!

Speaking of newness, I changed up my desktop, too, because while my old one featured this man:

who has incredible bone structure and is totally about to mack a statue, which is hot, I wanted to organize my icons with more direction than "wherever it doesn't obscure the dude's face." Thus:

I have no idea where my old wallpaper is from. I also have no idea where the pictures I used in my new background are from. Well, the Vogue one is from Igor + Andre, and the Harry Potter one is from Harry Potter, and the rabbit is from Alice in Wonderland, and the University of California seal is from the UC. But I forgot the original source of the Haters Gonna Hate walking fat man and can't be bothered to find out.
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