Amazing skin care that’s cheap as chips

I wanted to mention these little beauties cos I’ve used them on n off for ages! I know some people have managed to find their perfect skin care products and routine and never change; I can’t help but be a little jealous. Unfortunately mine is all over the place because my skin is acne prone, dry in places, oily on occasion and just like a spoilt 2 year old throwing his toys out of his pram it never does what its told!

Firstly there’s the Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. This stuff feels smooth and creamy as opposed to gel-like and my face always feels extremely refreshed and clean after I’ve washed using this but never squeaky or stripped. I like how it’s incredibly gentle so I can get away with using this even on dry skin days

Then we have the Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream. This is just a great all-rounder. I love it because it is actually light (I’ve found a lot of the “light” creams from the drugstore are far too rich for use during the day) so my skin doesn’t feel weighed down and I don’t have to worry about it mixing with my foundation and causing a greasy t-zone throughout the day. It has that gorgeous fresh Nivea smell that I reckon everyone has come across at least a couple of times so I find it a pleasure to use. The SPF 15 is a bonus too :)

Lastly I have to mention the Daily Essentials Rich Regenerating Night Cream. I adore everything about this cream. It’s seriously rich and I love how it feels like it really is improving and regenerating my skin overnight. Whether I’ve been dry or oily during the day I apply a fine layer of this all over my face and neck and feel smooth and plump the next day (I know plump probably isn’t the right word at all but my skin just feels kinda… you know, nourished, hydrated and soft… and I always think of it as “plump”)

I spotted these on offer in Superdrug recently so figured I’d tell you about them while they’re going cheap! The face wash is £1.59 and the creams are £1.95 each. Pretty good value in my opinion! ♥
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