link roundup: chapter the first, 2011

I don't know why there isn't much in the "Just for Fun" section of this roundup, but please allow me delude myself into thinking that the rest of this post makes up for it.

  • The Agonizing Last Words of Programmer Bill Zeller, which I am glad I cannot relate to all that well. But which I can relate to.
  • Here's a little batch of articles from San Francisco-based The Bold Italic, which I am now sure is Solid Gold: Slippery When Wet, a romp through San Francisco's public pools; Secondhand Emotion, on San Francisco estate sales (so near and dear to my heart!); Against the Grain, on eating gluten-free in San Francisco; and SuperBowl, in pursuit of the Holy Grail of ramen. From Secondhand Emotion and Against the Grain, respectively.
    If fixing is chastity, coupons are on par with prayer, saving is religion, and garage sales are your church.

    In short, I was pretty much made from gluten. (And was a very fat baby, natch.)
  • Do you know what a shibboleth word is? This is, like, Biblical-era linguistics.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, condensed. (THIS IS WHY LIVEJOURNAL IS STILL ALIVE.)
    READERS settle into their seats and gather up their Character Death Bingo cards.

    LUPIN: Blast it, Harry, you limp-wanded puff, why didn't you kill anyone?
    HARRY: Uh...sorry..? By the way, my wand moved and shot something all by itself.
    HERMIONE: You're an adolescent. That's normal.

    HARRY: Shut up. He's looking for the wandmaker Gregorovitch. He's having wand performance issues.

    YAXLEY: Good morning, comrades! Don't you just love coming to work, and caressing the new wallpaper made of Mudblood skins?

    HARRY sits around and broods about Hallows, especially the one he doesn't have, the Elder Wand. The Deathstick. The Wand of Destiny.
    HUSBANDS AROUND THE WORLD: Hey, honey? I want my new bedroom nickname to be "The Wand of Destiny."
    RON: Dudes! Potterwatch is on the radio!
    HARRY: I'm so delighted I'll say "Voldemort" out loud!

    Everyone's shooting to injure and kill--except of course HARRY, who flings spells like Remembering You Had A Dentist Appointment Just Now, Developing An Itch On Your Left Butt Cheek, and Feeling Like You Just Walked Through A Spiderweb At Face Level.
  • Here's an interactive Scale of the Universe for you (we?) astronomy/physics geeks/admirers.
  • THIS:


Here is a playlist of songs I have had stuck in my head recently. Judge me as you will.
  1. "Baby" - Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris
  2. "Just Like A Pill" - P!nk
  3. "That Should Be Me" - Justin Bieber
  4. "Harry Freakin' Potter" - A Very Potter Sequel
  5. "Hand Covers Bruise" - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, for The Social Network
  6. "Most Girls" - P!nk
  7. "Bye Bye Bye" - N*SYNC
  8. "Bump n' Grind" - R. Kelly
  9. "The Next Episode" - Dr. Dre
  10. "Never Let Me Go" - Judy Bridgewater (who, okay, isn't a real person, and the song isn't an actual song, but you can have a fictional song stuck in your head, right?)
  11. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - Cyndi Lauper
  12. "With Every Heartbeat" - Robyn with Kleerup
  13. "Just A Dream" - Nelly
And here are some videos I highly recommend.

Don't You" by Darren Criss, because don't you want to marry him?

Another Darren Criss video, because honestly, I don't think this video can be watched too many times, especially because this is Darren GQMF Criss for The Trevor Project singing a song from A Very Potter Musical about being ALONE BE STILL MY HEART.

A-1's "All That! (feat. TLC)" because I give you my full permission to eat my first-born son if this doesn't take you back to your childhood.

Kyle Riabko's "What Did I Get Myself Into," because it's been stuck in my head on and off for the past month.

THE BROCIAL NETWORK, because this is brilliant and proves that any choir singing in the background of any trailer makes for an epic trailer.


Word Lens: this has to be the coolest app I have ever seen. Ever. (Says the linguistics major who at one point was pursuing a computer science degree.)

On a much less glamorous (but still very, very cool) note, here's a clip demonstrating Ivan Sutherland's Sketch Pad. We watched this as part of a larger movie in my intro computer science class and it made my little heart soar with that crazy buoying joy one gets from watching something Great that sets off shooting stars of inspiration and possibility and potential. I guess it's kind of ironic for me to be suggesting you watch an inspirational video about computer science, considering how I jumped off that ship quite a while ago because I felt like it was sucking the life out of me, but it doesn't make this video any less remarkable.

Because I feel like Brian Rosenthal's cuteness always gets overshadowed by Joe Walker's hotness in A Very Potter Musical. Show him some Quirrel love! This man is adorable! Which is probably emasculating, but the Potion Master's Corner videos are funny enough to make up for it.

Jakub Hübner's cover of "Touch Me" from Spring Awakening. Will I ever get tired of this musical? I don't know, it's been two years since I first heard of it. Maybe it's a phase, or maybe IT'S MAYBELLINE JUST AN EXCELLENT MUSICAL.

Like I did with Avatar, I watched Gloria Shuri Nava's beauty video spoof for Black Swan before watching the movie, which is unfortunate because if/when I finally do watch Black Swan, I'll probably have ridiculous commentary running in the back of my mind, like "OMG Pandoran acne," but relevant to Black Swan and being really white and perfect. Obviously.

In which Heath Ledger talks about jousting on sheep. (Seriously.)

John Lloyd and Lea Michele cover "A Little Fall of Rain" from Les Misérables. Easily my favorite song from the musical, and GOD do I love her voice.

And finally, (of course), "Bills Bills Bills" for Glee. BECAUSE DARREN CRISS IS MY TEENAGE DREAM.
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