L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

It’s been ages since I picked up a mascara that I actually like! Honestly I was starting to think that I’d just have to keep repurchasing the same ones that I’ve been using for years cos every new one I’ve tried has been a bit rubbish

Thankfully the Volume Million Lashes mascara was able to come along and save the day! Admittedly I hate the packaging cos it just looks tacky and unpleasant but that’s really no biggy. The wand looks like a thicker version of the one from Maybellines Define-a-lash, which I also really like. The rubber bristles are quite long and slim so they’re great for separating and coating each lash and ensuring they don’t all clump together
The formula itself is awesome… Not too thick and not too wet (which is my usual complaint) so I haven’t had to leave this for weeks to dry out before using it

And guess what? It even manages to look good all day long without flaking! So overall I’ve been well impressed by this and can definitely see myself buying it again
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