My top 5 Estee Lauder skin care products

As much as I adore the Estee Lauder range (and I really do) it’s one of those brands that seems more suited to my mum… maybe it’s the advertising or the packaging or something but I always think of it as a middle-aged womans brand. However, there are literally dozens of products from the collection that I swear by so I wanted to mention a few all time favourites
Idealist Pore Minimising Skin Refiner

When I was about 20 I had serious issues with the pores on my cheeks and nose; they were more like gigantic craters than pores and I hated the way my foundation used to sink into them, making them even more noticeable. I mentioned this to the Sales Assistant when I was buying an Estee Lauder foundation and she recommended Idealist. This has been an essential part of my beauty routine since then and one of the things I like best is that it gets to work on the first application and the results get better and better the longer you use it… Personally I often use this instead of a primer (I find that there’s no need for both) at £37 for 30mls it’s not exactly cheap but I’m more than happy to splash out on something if it actually works!

DayWear Plus

One of the first Estee Lauder products I bought and I actually picked it up just cos I fell in love with the smell. It’s so fresh and clean, reminds me of cucumber. And of course the fact that’s it’s packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins makes me feel like I’m really looking after my skin. I find this extremely hydrating and it leaves my skin looking bright and feeling smooth


A fantastic cream that I like to slather on when my skin is looking a bit dull. I don’t like the smell and I find the residue it leaves behind makes me look a tad shiny so this is fab to wear at night but I wouldn’t consider using it during the day (although it’s s’posed to be used AM and PM)

Resilience Lift Extreme

A really rich day cream that I often opt for when my skin is particularly dry. The slightly old-fashioned, traditional floral scent is actually rather nice and I like how this is absorbed extremely quickly

Perfectionist [CP+] correcting serum for lines/wrinkles/age spots

This is fantastic for giving a really bright, luminous complexion. I often find that my concealer and/or foundation sinks into the teensy lines around my eyes and lips (I should mention that they aren’t actually wrinkles – just areas of delicate skin where the texture of the skin is more noticeable) and this stops that from happening. It’s also extremely smoothing so its great as an everyday makeup base

Do you use anything by Estee Lauder? Or do you have specific skin care goodies that you always stick to? ♥

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