My top 5 Clinique skin care products

I know loads of people who swear by the Clinique stuff but to be honest I’ve had more misses than hits with the products I’ve bought over the years so I generally avoid the counter when I’m out shopping for beauty treats

That being said I’d never totally dismiss the awesome goodies from a brand just cos I’ve come across a load of duds! So these are my all time favourite Clinique skin care products…

Anti-blemish solutions cleansing mask

Leaves my skin feeling unbelievably clean and fresh. This is one of those traditional clay masks that you apply and leave to dry… When this has hardened I always find it really satisfying to smile and generally move my face around like a loon so that it cracks around my mouth and eyes before I wash it off :)

Moisture Surge Thirsty Skin Relief

One of the only moisturisers I’ve actually got close to finishing! (I’m terrible for just chucking stuff and moving onto new products) I will most definitely be picking up another jar of this.

I love how it seems to soak into the skin like a fine gel yet manages to hydrate as well as the rich, heavy night creams I use

Turnaround 15-minute facial

Great for brightening the skin and making pores less noticeable. The pot isn’t particularly big but I only use a small smear of this over my face so each jar lasts ages

All about eyes and all About eyes rich

These are the only eye creams I’ve used consistently for more than a year… I like the regular one for during the day cos it’s more of a gel than a cream and the rich version is great to use before sleepy sleeps

Anti-blemish solutions clear blemish gel

Works brilliantly when applied directly to spots and dries them out in no time. Though if this spreads out at all and touches the actual skin it can be disastrous as it leaves the whole area really dry so apply with caution!! :)

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