things start splitting at the seams

Actually, I don't really like "No One's Gonna Love You," but it was playing while I was uploading photos and I am clearly not creative enough to come up with a 1510th post title that isn't a song lyric, so there you go.

In retrospect, I wish I'd put more effort into getting my hair to stay in place (and picked up my new contacts) because this outfit was HELLA CLASSY. I blame the coat.

#I've clearly been spending too much time on tumblr because I'm about to tag this post like a boss #where do I put my hands #oh okay let's put them here as if I am clutching my unborn child #it is in my stomach #that's becoss it is a burrito #congratulations it's a boy

Guys, the tights that Christine gifted me are such serious tights. They're not houndstooth-printed; they're houndstooth-textured.

Coat: Graceful Eyre coat from ModCloth, gift from my mother. Black top: probably Target. Houndstooth tights: secondhand, gift. Oxfords: Payless.


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