"fat pics" and new healthy living plan to avoid more!

I think clicking “publish post” is gonna be the bravest thing I’ve done for a while! For ages now I’ve been incredibly lazy and my lack of exercise really shows. Over the last 6 months I’ve gained over a stone and the weight has gone to all the wrong places! If I’m honest the weight itself isn’t what bothers me most, that little job has been left to the rather gross dimples and jiggly bits which I am going to be doing my very best to get rid of :)

Obviously dimpled thighs and love-handles are not the most important things in the world (my mum is very fond of pointing out that I should be grateful to have a body that works as well as it does!) but they’re starting to bother me rather a lot so I figure I should just do everything I can to fix them

I’m gonna be doing an 8 week healthy living plan which involves eating only good food, exercising for at least 30 mins per day – will be aiming for 90 mins per day - and using body brushes, exfoliators, lotions and potions that are designed to help with all my little, ahem, concerns (i.e cellulite, stretch marks, dry skin, untoned bits n bobs etc etc)

Unfortunately motivation has never been one of my strong points… I often have a massive burst of motivation and throw myself into something with such force that I’m absolutely sure I’ll follow through. And then I don’t. So I’ve decided to post a picture of what I look like now and then I’ll do the same after the 8 weeks are up. That way I will definitely have to stick to it because I don’t wanna let myself down with you guys watching! I’ll also do weekly updates every Monday where I’ll post my progress and let you know if I come across any particularly awesome products :)

Stats at present:

Weight: 8st 5lbs. I know this probably doesn’t sound heavy but I’m only 5’2” so even an extra couple of lbs really shows on me!
Waist: 28ins
Hips: 38.5ins
Thighs: 22ins
Upper arms: 10.5ins
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