Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Hi everyone. My name’s Joy and I’m a foundation addict *cue embarrassed half-wave and much head bowing*

I think I’ve discovered my HG foundation about, hmmm, 100 times now? But even though I have lots of favourites I keep buying and trying new ones.

The latest is Rimmels Last Finish 25 Hour Foundation which is totally superb. Being a massive fan of the regular 16 hour version I just had to try this and it didn’t disappoint!

The bottle is a typical glass pump action one which suits me perfectly. I wear 200 Soft Beige as it’s basically like my skin but slightly warmer. This is thicker than the 16 hour version so takes a little bit longer to apply… I know people have mentioned this going patchy throughout the day but I generally find that if I spend enough time blending this then it stays even right up till I’m washing my makeup off before sleepy sleeps

I’d describe the coverage as medium-full cos it does a wonderful job covering up the icky blemishes around my chin and even though I only slept for about 2 and a half hours last night it did a bloody good job hiding my dark circles. Always a plus :)

The finish is natural and pretty – not mask like – and I’ve found it lasts well whether my skin is oily, dry or even slick with sweat (decided on a spur of the moment run on Sunday afternoon and this held up brilliantly)

For anyone who wants good long lasting coverage I’d say this is definitely worth a try. And at £6.99 for 30mls the price is pretty appealing too! ♥
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