Healthy living plan - week 1

That’s week one of my healthy living plan done and I have to admit it was more difficult than I was expecting!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed some of the new additions to my routine (such as body brushing, using a nice body lotion before I go to bed, walking loads, eating lots of scrummy fruit etc) but some things have been seriously hard; I went to see Peter Kay on Wednesday with my housemate and we went out for dinner beforehand…. to a Mexican restaurant.

The entire menu was against me and I felt like a bit of a nutcase when I started saying things like “dressing on the side please” and “is the cheese added to the dish already or can you do it without it?” because I’m a big foodie and usually my only concern is how good the food is going to taste and whether or not my breath will stink of garlic afterwards!

One of the things I really miss is tea. Though to be fair that’s probably more to do with the fact that my thrice daily cups of tea are usually accompanied by half a packet of chocolate digestives or a bar of chocolate (I’d give my right arm for a Dairy Milk right now) so I’ve replaced my regular tea with herbal teas and a particular favourite is Slim Plus by Dr Stuart. I picked this up whilst I was in Tesco cos it says on the box “A delicious herbal infusion with fennel, linden leaves and galangal root believed to help suppress the appetite” Well, every little helps, eh? :)

Oh and I’ve lost 1lb! I’m sure that sounds like nothing but it’s a big deal for me as the numbers on my scales have only increased over the last 6 months! I best be off cos I have a 3 mile walk to meet Adryen, I’m not fit enough to run far (yet!) so I’ve been increasing the amount I walk as much as possible ♥
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