Love it / Loathe it

Love it

Know what rules? The Accessorize makeup range from Superdrug! I’ve been wearing their lipgloss pretty much non-stop for the last week or so (well not during sleepy time. Even I don’t love makeup that much!) and I really like how it looks and feels; it’s pretty, shimmery and although it’s sticky enough to last a fair while on my lips it’s not sticky enough to feel yucky

The packaging is really cute and the slight shimmer it gives is beautiful. I’m a sucker for a nice smelling product and this one reminds me of vanilla and toffee so it really is good enough to eat. Also, the colour is quite intense so unlike a lot of my glosses this is one I often use when I’ve gone for a more subtle eye makeup look
Loathe it

I just can’t stand the Glazewear lipglosses by AVON. There isn’t any one thing that bothers me about these, it’s more a combination of little things, such as the texture; I’ve found it to be incredibly drying on my lips and when I apply these glosses they end up looking “cracked” in no time at all (where the gloss dries out and you can see the colour more intensely in the little lines of your lips)

The smell isn’t very pleasant either, the glazewear intense smells like felt tip pens and it was enough to put me off from the start! As if that wasn’t enough the actual colour isn’t great either, it’s just average and looks extremely plain so I’d actually prefer to stick with some Vaseline or Burts Bees lip blam cos they give a little sheen to the lips and feel lovely too :)
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