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I felt really strange and kind of out-of-body after I turned in my last final. It didn't feel like I'd accomplished anything. I lay on a really uncomfortable concrete bench and read for an hour before returning to my apartment and realizing that the only edible things we had were veggie chips, pasta sauce, and tea. (And no produce. We decided to eat out for dinner.) I was sprawled on our poo-green corduroy couch sleepy with Persian food, talking to my apartmentmates, and my roommate was struck by the thought - what if we never checked our grades? How would we feel about school then? What if I never checked my computer science and math grades and just knew that I was passing? Would it matter less?

Anyway, I came home to my freshly ordered WeSC headphones, which I don't think I'll be using for a while,

these (not for me):

the H&M tights I forgot I bought on sale:

and an estate sale where I spent at least 20 minutes debating whether or not I should buy a set of brass drawer knobs with pharaoh heads on them to fix up my school desk (evidently this lady really liked ancient Egyptian motifs, as evidenced by the sphinxes on her Singer sewing machine below):

I didn't get the pharaoh head dresser knobs (it came in a set of 10... I only need 4), but did leave with this leather belt:

And then I went to a newly opened Goodwill and picked up this awful dull mint-green 90s floral dress, new, from the Gap:

And then I went for a walk with my mother and a few of my aunts and uncles. It is strange to be the youngest in a group. And it is strange that it is strange because I was the youngest for what, eleven years?

Blue beret: some hat store in New York. Red plaid coat: delia's. Blue bag: London Fog via ideeli. Teal jeans: Uniqlo. White canvas shoes: Payless.

I should point out that this is actually the Ultimate dress-down. Hat for disgusting hair, coat that covers everything, second-skin jeans, and flat canvas shoes. Definitely lazy (and warm because wow is it cold in the city how did I ever live here).



Oh... oh, LIFE! Keep on keeping on, beautiful.
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